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Are those lines around my eyes?

Are those lines around my eyes?Image Credit: Supplied

You wake up one morning, peer into the mirror and emit a scream... are those lines around my eyes? When did they pop up? I have never had them! The truth is they have been a long time coming. They start out so faint that you did not even notice them until they are visible enough to cause you nightmares.

Obviously, age plays a big part in the aging of the area around the eyes. But there are a few tips and tricks that can prolong the inevitable and cushion its harshness.

For starters, always wear a good quality pair of sunglasses when you are outdoors during the day. Sunglasses help reduce the frequency of squinting. By wearing those sunnies, you are keeping fine lines at bay.

Lack of care in the area around the eyes can cause dryness and lines. Using an under eye cream is essential especially in the mid-20s onwards. Find a good quality cream that suits you and use it daily.

Dark circles and puffiness are caused by stress and lack of sleep. Sleep is imperative for a healthy mind, body and soul, while stress is detrimental. Life does get busy and tough sometimes, but try to get enough shut-eye to deal with whatever is coming your way with a clearer mind. Plus, getting sufficient sleep leaves the skin around the eyes looking supple.

Needless to say, sunblock is very important as is drinking sufficient amounts of water.

Handy Hints:

• Wear sunglasses outdoors to prevent squinting.

• Start using an under eye cream in your mid-20s.

• Try to get enough sleep and drink lots of water.

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