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Care to keep lips luscious-looking

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A lot of beauty discussions focus on how women need to moisturize their skin so that it does not get parched, and to delay the onset of wrinkles. These fundamentals can also be applied to the lips because they are very prone to dryness. 

All grooming routines essentially begin with exfoliation, and the same applies to the lip area. Use an old soft toothbrush or a soft, grainy washcloth to gently scrub the lips and remove old dead skin cells. If your lips are in good condition, then a mild care routine is usually enough to keep them shiny and smooth. 

The most common mistake made is to lick the lips often. Doing so worsens the dryness because they only get drier due to the digestive enzymes in the saliva and the saliva itself which dries out quickly, so the lips are then more likely to crack and chap badly. Chapped lips are very painful to deal with, and it takes a great deal of care then to get the skin on the lips back to their original softness. 

There are a lot of products that help lock in the moisture and a cheap, popular option is petroleum jelly. For extra dry and damaged lips, slather on a heavy oil-based moisturizer on them overnight. A moisturizer meant for dry skin is the best for this purpose. Alternatively, you can smear on butter or honey to lend that extra softness. In order for lip color to glide on smoothly and stay longer, it’s important for the base or primer to be perfect. Opt for one with all-natural ingredients. You could also use tinted lip gloss enriched with natural oils that moisturize and lend the lips a hint of color.

Handy Hints
• Use a soft toothbrush/washcloth to exfoliate lips
• Apply moisturizer to protect them from chapping
• Avoid licking the lips often as it dries them out


Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds
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