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Change your look with extensions

Change your look with extensionsImage Credit: Supplied

Say goodbye to bad hair days forever with skillfully applied hair extensions which can give you a completely new look.

Hair extensions create volume and bulk in specific areas of the head, add color without the use of chemicals and can camouflage hair loss in specific areas. Hair extensions originated in Africa and were attached to the hair by a comb and then progressed on to become the weave/plait and stitch.

It was in the 80’s when hair extensions really took off and today, there are a number of hair extension techniques available using a variety of application methods.

Natural hair is the best for extensions. It is the perfect match to your own hair when it comes to weight, texture and color, and if of high quality, it can be washed, styled and brushed exactly like your own hair.

Hair extensions begin with a consultation to match your hair color and texture. Then the hair is washed prior to the application of the extensions without using conditioner or styling products, blow-dried, then flat ironed. Next, single strands are applied one by one by means of an ultrasonic machine at approximately one and a half centimeter distance from the scalp.

While the hair itself is sourced from all over, it may be pre-bonded in Europe and, therefore, cannot be reused. And though hair extensions offer a convenient way of changing your look, consistent use has been known to cause patchy hair loss in some people.

Handy Hints:

• Extensions grow and need changing in 4-6 months.

• Go to an extensions specialist; pick a quality brand.

• Ask to see ''before,'' ''after'' photos of actual clients.

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