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Dealing with hair crises on vacation

The last thing you want while on vacation is to struggle with hair that does not cooperate. Reasons can be many, but the main culprits are changes in water and weather in the new country.

The best thing you can do for your hair is prepare it prior to leaving for vacation. Deep condition your hair once a week, keep it clean and eat a healthy diet to keep it nourished.

Conduct a research on the general climatic conditions prevailing at the time of year before you go. Different weather conditions demand specific types of care. The biggest enemy of all hair types is humidity present in rainy and snowy weathers. All the moisture in the air causes the hair follicles to expand leading to frizz, so the best way to beat that is to use sufficient conditioner. This helps prep the hair against frizz attacks.

The opposite condition, dry weather, is also damaging to the hair. This happens during winter or when in air-conditioned environments. Applying mild oil such as almond or jojoba keeps the hair from getting all straggly.

The best hairstyles to stick to in the worst of weather conditions are low buns or braids. You can even combine the two into one effortless style: braid your hair tightly and roll it into a bun to secure it in place. If your hair is really long, tie it up during extreme weather conditions. Wrap it with trendy accessories such as hair pins or hair bands that add an extra element of glamour and chic – a trick frequently used by celebrity hairstylists.

Handy Hints
• Ensure you deep condition your hair once a week
• Use mild oil to keep your hair from getting straggly
• Tie your hair in the worst of weather conditions


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