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Easy looking and feeling good

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Many a century past, looking good was the exclusive business of the fairer sex. Not anymore. Nowadays, men are as into it as women; after all, “first impressions last.” While showering, brushing the teeth, trimming the nails, shaving, and getting a new haircut are considered basics in a man’s grooming regimen, there are far more ways an ordinary man can transform himself into an Adonis.

Give your skin some TLC – Men often relegate skin care to the background, but with the advent of grooming products designed just for them, they now have easy access to a wide range of moisturizers, lip balms, sunblocks, facial washes/scrubs, and other products meant to zap breakouts and dry skin.

Mind the hair – If your bathroom routine has not gone beyond shaving your facial hair, it’s about time you paid attention to the hair in your nose, ears and chest. Those in the know advise trimming the hairs in these regions at least once a week.

Check your wardrobe – They say clothes make a man. No matter how good-looking you are, but if you are shabbily dressed, no one would notice. Take time to buy clothes that fit well (don’t be afraid to add colors to your wardrobe), and don clean and well-polished shoes.

Cultivate healthy habits – To achieve a healthy body, get into the practice of eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Chuck out smoking if you can, and minimize on the drinking.

Lastly, nothing gives your appearance a better boost than a good posture and confidence.

Handy Hints
• There are a lot of skincare products made for men
• Buy clothes, shoes that fit well; add a dash of color
• Exercise regularly, have a healthy, balanced diet





Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Classifieds
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