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Eyebrows plucked to perfection

Eyebrows plucked to perfectionImage Credit: Supplied


Our brows do not only protect our eyes, but also frame our facial features. Achieving the right brow shape can thus lift and enhance one’s looks.

There are various options when it comes to grooming one’s brows. Tweezing or plucking the hair ensures that one gets a shapely arch. It can be easily done at home, too. Waxing is quicker and pulls the hair out by the roots. However, the downside to it is that there are more chances of the shape going awry, and it is not suitable to those with sensitive skin. Threading has traditionally been popular in the Asian and Middle Eastern regions; however, it requires a skilled technician. Electrolysis involves the permanent destruction of the hair over several sessions using an electric current.

If you are planning to groom your eyebrows at home, you need a brow brush, a brow pencil, tweezers and grooming scissors. The front of the brows should align with the upper bridge of the nose. The arch should be three-quarters of the way back from the bridge. The tail follows the tapered angle of the eye.

Fill in your brows with a brow pencil before plucking as a guideline for your desired shape. Brush your brows upwards so that you can clearly see the hair that needs to be trimmed. Use the scissors to trim the hair that extends beyond the natural brow line. Brush the brow back into shape.

Use tweezers to pluck stray hair and brow hair that are outside the pencil outline. Pluck in the direction of the hair growth, and remember to capture hair close to the roots.

Handy Hints

* Eyebrow shaping can be done at home or a salon

* Threading is popular in Asia and the Middle East

* Electrolysis involves permanent hair destruction

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