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Get a ‘no makeup’ makeup look

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A fresh-looking face is always in style. If you want to look naturally bright without too much of a “made-up” look, go over the following tips:

• Moisturize to even out skin. The first step to giving your face a healthy, natural look is to keep it clean by washing and scrubbing it regularly. After washing, moisturize with a tinted lotion to even out your skin tone.

• Use a concealer. A pigment-rich concealer matching your skin tone is best for hiding flaws. Dab lightly on blemishes and build up coverage in thin layers. Swipe layers to conceal dark circles, and pat lightly to blend.

• Cover up with powder. If your skin gets too shiny, use an oil-absorbing powder to cover up. If your skin is generally very oily, it is advisable to skip the application of moisturizer, and just use concealer and powder instead.

• Use a warm cheek color. To give your skin a natural healthy glow, use cream blushes in warm peach or pink shades. Cool shades can be used as well, though they tend to give the skin a more made-up look.

• Define eyes and lips. Use a soft brownish tint, slightly darker than your skin, to shade your eyes. Brush it lightly onto the creases and along the lower lashes. To enhance your eyes but retain a simple look, lightly dot your lashes with a gray or brown eye pencil. Enhance your eyes further with a coat of mascara on the upper lashes, and touch the roots of the lower lashes. Amp up your lips with a lipstick shade that exactly matches your lip color. Use your finger to press the color onto your lips instead of applying it directly from the tube.

Handy Hints
• Moisturize face with tinted lotion to even out skin
• Those with oily skin can use concealer and powder
• Use blushes in warm peach or pink to look natural



Source: Sally Ann Simmons, Special to Classifieds
The writer is Beauty Consultant, Spaces Salon