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Get that healthy summer glow

Get that healthy summer glowImage Credit: Supplied

Summer is finally here, beckoning both the young and old to sunny, sandy shores. Life is more interesting than usual, with kids' holidays coming, relatives visiting, and what have you. In the midst of all the hullabaloo, taking care of how one looks really goes down on the priority list. However, one can have it all – looking good, feeling good, and enjoying the summertime.

Beauty is, indeed, skin deep as it essentially reflects how the person is feeling from the inside. On top of the list for healthy, glowing skin is a good night's sleep (7-8 hours). Dark circles under the eyes and a dull complexion can be easily attributed to lack of sleep, and chronic stress.

Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial to maintain radiant skin. Drinking lots of water, especially after squeezing in some fresh lemon will do wonders for you. Getting your daily dose of Vitamin C will help brighten the skin and encourage collagen production.

For beachgoers, one of the must-eat finger foods are Brazilian nuts. These selenium-rich snacks have the capacity to create resistance in skin cells preventing sunburn. But go easy on them as 1-2 nuts will do daily.

Since Ramadan is only a few weeks away, it is also important to avoid dehydrating salty, sweet and fried food. Too much salt leads to puffiness. Sugar weakens the skin, affecting collagen. Fried food, which is high in fat, can increase skin oil production leading to breakouts.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, exfoliation should be reduced as the skin becomes highly sun-sensitive, and more attention should be on sun protection, that is, using sunscreen and protective gear/clothing.

Handy Hints:

• Get sufficient sleep to keep skin glowing, healthy

• Brazilian nuts provide skin resistance to sunburn

• Avoid salty, sugary, fried foods as they damage skin

Source: Sabin Muzaffar, Special to Classifieds

The writer is a freelancer