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Get in on new fun fitness trends

Get in on new fun fitness trendsImage Credit: Supplied
The term “fun fitness trends” really depends on your definition of fun. Of course, the goal of all fitness programs is to get results, but there are a few new ways to achieve those results without just running on a treadmill.
One popular trend is to wear a fitness tracker. Devices such as Fitbit allow you to track your daily exercise and share the results online. They track your steps taken, hours of sleep and calories burned throughout the day, and automatically update your online profile – a great way to keep motivation up especially if you share your goals with friends and family.
New and popular group exercise classes are also always being introduced, adding a bit of variety and fun to workouts. Yoga hybrids are starting to become common for those not interested in traditional yoga. Hot yoga, swing yoga, Pilates yoga and even diverse combination classes are starting to appear such as spin yoga, TRX yoga and crossfit yoga.
Indoor rowing has always been a staple of a good gym; therefore, it is now being introduced as a group exercise class to take out the repetition and boredom of just sitting and rowing. Doing a relay-style workout offers interval training similar to a spin class, and can be a great way to get that extra motivation you need.
Dance classes are another popular group exercise that have evolved far beyond the weekly zumba classes. Classes such as zumba step, drum fitness and Bollywood dance are seen regularly in gyms across the UAE, a great form of cardiovascular exercise that not only burns calories but is also fun and enjoyable.
Handy Hints:
* Yoga hybrids introduced in place of the traditional
* Indoor rowing is now part of group exercise classes
* Dance classes have evolved beyond weekly zumba
Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Classifieds
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