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Get over winter beauty woes

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The winter season brings along the joy of chilly winds, the simple fun of donning huge overcoats, boots, scarves, mufflers, mittens, sipping hot beverages, munching on hot fritters and a lot more. 

And although the fun parts outweigh the plight one faces in the scorching summer, severe dryness is a major complaint that comes with the onset of the cold. Some face issues of severe dryness in the feet, hands and face; in certain extreme cases, the cold winter can cause cracking of the skin and flaking. So, although inviting, the weather calls for utmost care to be taken by those facing issues of dryness, chapping, etc. 

Below are some simple things one can do:
• Always keep a moisturizer / body lotion handy
• Avoid long hot showers that dry out the skin; keep bath water lukewarm as much as possible
• Cracked heels are a horrid sight and painful. Scrub feet once a week, regularly moisturize and wear thick socks so they remain soft for a longer period of time
• Lips retain less moisture as compared to other parts of the body, so a lip balm is a must-have
• For the winter season in particular, it is highly advisable to use moisturizers that come with natural oils like almond oil and extra virgin olive oil. They combine with the skin’s natural oils resulting in smooth, soft, moisturized skin
• For the face, use creamy facial bars containing key ingredients such as Vitamin E and shea butter

Handy Hints
• Always take a moisturizer and lip balm with you
• Use products with natural oils, shea butter, etc.
• Scrub and moisturize feet, and wear thick socks


Source: Mrudvi Bakshi, Special to Classifieds
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