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Hair conditioned for the summer

Hair conditioned for the summerImage Credit: Supplied

Summer can be a jarring time for hair care as hair starts looking dry, frizzy and lifeless. However, as they say, ''If you can't beat the heat, work with it.'' There are a few simple things that you can do to ensure that your mane looks radiant even in the sweltering weather!

As we all have different hair types, with some chemically treated and colored, we do need to stick to our individual shampoos. The mantra for care in summer is conditioning. Other than the regular wash-off conditioner, you can also opt to leave in the conditioner if you have long hair. Use a leave-in moisturizing mask, and keep your hair in a tight braid if you are going to spend a lot of time at the pool or the beach.

The driest parts of the hair are the ends. It is recommended to use a serum or oil to tame the fly-aways. Nourishing avocado oil is a good choice. You could also raid your kitchen to give your hair that instant deep conditioning. Yogurt, eggs, banana, honey, etc., are all great choices. Just make sure you wash your hair well so that you don't smell of egg or banana at work the next day. Have a floral hair mist in your purse handy lest your hair stinks of sweat.

During summer, it is best to avoid heat styling like blow-drying or curling as doing so will just add to the damage inflicted by the scorching sun. A better alternative is to tie your hair in a loose braid when it is semi-dry, and then tousle it with your fingers up to get the natural curls and bounce.

Handy Hints:

• Condition hair and use a leave-in moisturizing mask

• Remember to apply oil or serum at the hair ends

• Keep hair in a loose braid and avoid heat styling

Source: Dipshikha Mitra, Special to Classifieds

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