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Hair styling for your face shape

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When styling your hair, strive to keep a sense of balance in the shape of your head and neck, facial features, shape of your face and structure of your hair.

A hairstyle that suits your facial structure is very effective. For example, any hairstyle suits an oval face as it is the ideal shape. However, an elongated face looks better with fringes, or curls in front and some fluffiness on the sides with curls and waves providing fullness to the cheeks. In contrast, a rounded face needs to have an illusion of length so arrange your top hair a little higher with the sides partly covered. Alternatively, take a side parting and make a forehead fringe on one side to provide length to the face.

For a diamond-shaped face (wide cheeks and a narrow chin and forehead), create a hairstyle that camouflages the width of the cheekbones. Keep the extra hair volume near the forehead and the jaw line. On the contrary, a person with a square face can have a hairstyle that has more fluffiness near the forehead, and curls and waves to cover the sides and the jaw line to add softness and slenderness.

People with uneven facial features can have a hairstyle that gives a round, soft look to their face. Covering the cheeks and jaw area with curls and waves provides more evenness to the face. Soften a bulging forehead by having some fluffiness on and around it. On the other hand, people who have thin/narrow faces can opt to have blunt bangs covering the whole of their forehead, or have an asymmetrical hairstyle with dramatic angles and shorter length.

Handy Hints
• Face shape is a good basis for selecting a hairstyle
• When styling your hair, keep everything balanced
• Make effective use of fringes, curls and waves


Source: Arva Shikari, Special to Classifieds
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