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How to prevent summer hair woes

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It’s officially summer, and this spells bad hair days for most women. But it doesn’t mean that you have to keep your tresses hidden under a hat, or sport ponytails until the end of the summer days. You can still enjoy the outdoors without the sun wreaking too much havoc on your crowning glory by following a proper hair care regimen. Here's how to prevent hair problems in summer:

  • Experts suggest spraying on or applying gel, serum and cream with UV filters on the hair to prevent sun damage. Those who spend a lot of time outdoors are advised to wear a hat, cap or scarf for added protection.

  • Big, frizzy hair is a big no-no for many. Stop the frizz in its tracks by loading up on conditioner/hair mask, or applying anti-frizz serum/oil to lock in moisture.

  • Before taking a dip at the pool or the beach, use a deep-conditioning mask to act as a natural barrier against saltwater or chlorinated water. Apply a clarifying shampoo after to wash out the chemicals/salt.

  • Stay away from hair dryers, hair irons and blow dryers, or at least, limit their use, and ensure you apply a leave-in conditioner before heat styling. Also avoid hot showers as they dry out the hair and leave it brittle.

  • Avoid shampooing every day. If you must, use a moisturizing, clarifying or anti-residue shampoo to clear away summer’s dirt and grime. Use an herbal tea rinse to enhance your hair’s natural highlights the natural way.

  • Eat food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as spinach and salmon, for healthy and shiny locks. And don’t forget to drink lots of water and juices to stay hydrated.

Handy Hints on how to prevent summer hair woes
• Spray on or apply gel, serum, cream with UV filters
• Apply conditioner or a hair mask to lock in moisture
• Avoid heat styling, and do not take hot showers





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