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A look into hair loss in women

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Men aren’t the only ones who suffer from hair loss. In fact, as many as two-thirds of all women experience hair loss at some point, with everything from hormonal imbalance and genetics to diet and stress to blame.

Fortunately, hair loss in women typically does not result in complete baldness, as is often the case with men. For treatment, the aim is to stop or slow down hair fall. Hot oil treatments at home are easy to do using any natural oil such as coconut or olive. Warm up the oil slightly and gently massage into your scalp. Leave this on overnight, then shampoo as usual. This can be done weekly. Massaging your scalp daily can stimulate circulation to maintain healthy blood circulation and active hair follicles.

Diet and nutrition play an important role in preventing hair loss as hair itself is made up of protein keratin; therefore, a diet rich in protein will help maintain healthy hair growth. Also, biotin found in nuts, brown rice and oats encourages hair and scalp health. Essential fatty acids found in walnuts, flaxseeds, fish and avocado are also important for healthy hair. The herb saw palmetto has been used by herbalists for treating hair loss.

Medical treatment is also available in the early stages such as the application of two percent Minoxidil lotion which must be continued indefinitely. Sometimes, anti-androgen drugs are prescribed by a doctor to rectify hormonal imbalance causing hair loss. Another method of treatment is hair transplant surgery which is a more drastic approach to severe hair loss.

Handy Hints
· Hair loss of up to 100 hairs per day is normal
· Diet/nutrition is important in preventing hair loss
· Hormonal imbalance as a cause treated medically



Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Classifieds
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