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Massage and all its benefits

With stress, the paucity of time and poor lifestyle choices, it is not surprising that we long for a massage that would leave us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The benefits of a massage are not just limited to relaxation. It has been shown that massage aids in the body’s natural healing process and helps protect the mind and body from the harmful effects of stress.

It is, therefore, useful to understand what the different types of massages and their benefits are to make the appropriate choice for oneself.

• Swedish Massage - Known as the beginner’s massage, it is recommended for people who are first-timers in massage therapy. The therapist applies oil or lotion using smooth, long strokes. It is up to the person receiving the massage to guide the therapist on the amount of pressure desired.

• Aromatherapy Massage – This uses one or more essential oils to address specific needs such as relaxation, revitalization, balance, etc.

• Hot Stone Massage – This type of massage makes use of smooth stones heated to a tolerable degree and placed on certain parts of the body. The stones transmit heat, loosening up tightened muscles. This is good for people who have muscle tension but want a lighter massage.

• Deep Tissue Massage – This technique uses the thumb, finger and even elbow to go beyond the surface skin to reach core muscles and connective tissues, and is recommended to alleviate repetitive strain, postural issues, injuries, etc.

There is also the prenatal massage for pregnant women, geriatric massage for the elderly and ancient massage focusing on balance and flow of energy such as acupressure, shiatsu and Ayurveda.

Handy Hints
• Have a body needs analysis before getting a massage
• Massages aid in the body’s natural healing process
• There are different massages for different needs


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