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New buzzword in hair care

New buzzword in hair careImage Credit: Supplied

One of the revolutionary treatments in the world of cosmetology is hair straightening. Though curly hair can be visually delightful, the dryness and frizz that go with it are uncalled for.

Giving in to manageability issues, many women opt for procedures such as rebonding. Those who do not want to take the risk of using chemicals prefer the flat iron or blow drying. All of these treatments and tools, though immensely helpful, have damaging effects on the natural texture of the hair. Over time, they dry out the natural oils and weaken the hair follicle causing hair fall and lifeless hair.

A holistic view states that the disadvantages of chemical straightening outweigh the advantages. Just when women reached the peak of frustration, a revolutionary treatment called keratin or Brazilian blow dry was introduced.

Keratin treatment works like a magic wand on curly/wavy hair. Claiming to be infused with natural ingredients and less chemicals, it imparts a natural shine and bounce to the hair unlike rebonding/flat ironing. The side effects are comparatively lesser, but post-treatment care is advised. The treatment washes itself off in a matter of months leaving the hair in an improved natural condition. The feasibility of the treatment has made it popular with celebrities, but can only be had at a heavy cost.

Still, excessive use of anything artificial should be prevented, and complete hair care is essential. The right diet, adequate sleep and exercise will ensure strong and lustrous hair which cannot be replaced by any chemical treatments.

Handy Hints:

• Keratin treatment is said to give hair natural shine.

• It has lesser side effects; post-treatment advised.

• Though popular, keratin treatment is expensive.

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