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Secrets to having perfect nails

Secrets to having perfect nailsImage Credit: Supplied

Healthy nails are as vital to a pulled-together appearance as a terrific haircut or skin care regimen. An asset that allows you to be confident in both the social and corporate world, well-groomed nails can be achieved by exploring the following tips:

Avoid manipulating cuticles - Whether you prefer doing your nails yourself or at a salon, cutting cuticles or pushing them back in extremes can cause significant nail damage. Cuticles form a protective layer against fungi and bacteria, and once this is breached, they can become red and swollen, leading to infections.

Moisturize - To achieve well-conditioned nails, make sure you use a great moisturizer. Nail oil can often work wonders to soften cuticles while promoting growth. Apply a coat of oil over your nails in the evening before going to bed to allow it to be absorbed efficiently.

Biotin supplements - Biotin is a member of the Vitamin B family and is quite effective in not only increasing nail thickness but also preventing nail breakage. Nail products that contain silicon also help maintain nail health.

Color - Nail varnish is a perfect method of experimenting with various shades and finishes. From classic reds to bold colors to pale hues, allow your nail to look beautiful with a burst of color.

Buffing and filing - Regular buffing stimulates blood supply due to enhanced circulation. This allows important nutrients to be brought to the nail beds, facilitating the growth of stronger nails with no ridges. Remember to file regularly in one direction.

Handy Hints:

• Moisturizers and nail oil work wonders on nails.

• Push cuticles back gently instead of cutting them.

• Regular filing and buffing stimulate blood supply.

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