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Special care for men’s hair

It’s best to try different products and identify which works for youImage Credit: Supplied
It’s best to try different products and identify which works for you
They say the suit can make the man, but if your hair looks unflattering or unkempt, the suit alone may not be enough. There are literally hundreds of products and services available to suit every man’s needs in order for him to look his best.
The first product every man needs is shampoo, and while men’s needs are often more basic than women’s, it is still important to use the right shampoo for your hair and scalp type. Using shampoo for oily hair will reduce oiliness in the scalp, a moisturizing shampoo does the reverse, and normal shampoo maintains moisture and pH balance. Using the wrong one for your hair type can make your hair and scalp either dry or greasy.
A lot of men often neglect using a conditioner which works to replace essential moisture and proteins in the hair follicle lost due to heat, styling and processing. A salon brand conditioner instead of a store brand adds proteins and moisture, instead of silicon and plastics found in cheaper brands which coat the hair and make it seem shiny. 2-in-1 conditioners do not care for the scalp and hair as it really is not possible to get rid of the greasiness and replace moisture in the same product.
The range of choices when it comes to styling products can be overwhelming and even outnumbers products designed for women. Generally, a hard-drying gel is outdated, and since it dries hard, it can damage the hair follicles restricting hair growth and thickness. A water-based pomade or a matt finishing styling product will give a more natural and flexible texture that often doesn’t need reapplying throughout the day.
Handy Hints
• Use shampoo that is suitable for your hair type
• Salon brand conditioners infuse moisture, proteins
• Water-based pomades give more natural texture
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