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Yoga basics for beginners

Yoga basics for beginnersImage Credit: Supplied

Yoga is generally considered a mind-body discipline that helps a person relax, and manage stress and anxiety. Yoga enthusiasts report improved muscle tone, flexibility and balance, and agree that it is effective in reducing feelings of anxiety. To wholly enjoy the benefits of yoga as a beginner, consider the below advice:

Learn yoga under supervision – The guidance of a qualified yoga instructor is crucial for you to follow the correct posture. Not only do professional classes assist you in learning how to practice yoga properly but also in avoiding any possible injuries.

Warm-up – Gentle warm-up exercises can help you prepare for intense yoga sessions. The Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is an ancient yoga procedure consisting of 12 steps that begin with breathing exercises that stimulate your chakras and end with a mountain pose. The poses increase the range of motion of your muscles.

Practice – Yoga requires consistent and dedicated effort. The deeper benefits stem from practicing it on a regular basis.

Take breathing breaks – Breathing techniques are fundamental to yoga. By closing your eyes and breathing through your diaphragm, you release the tension in your respiratory muscles.

Choose the right type – The physical aspect of yoga is commonly referred to as Hatha Yoga consisting of poses and breathing techniques that encourage physical strength and stamina while allowing the mind to stay calm. Power Yoga is acrobatic in nature and packed with vigorous moves and postures which may be unsuitable
for beginners. Ananda Yoga is less detailed in technique and more suited for novices.

Handy Hints:

• Warm-ups help one prepare for intense sessions.

• One gets more benefits by practising yoga regularly.

• Breathing techniques are fundamental to yoga.

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