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Yoga for a flatter stomach

Yoga for a flatter stomachImage Credit: Supplied

Yoga is a holistic discipline that incorporates the concept of complete mind-body-spirit connection. Facilitating the utilization of your mind for the wellness of your body is a key aspect of this ancient science. If it is a flat belly you have always wanted, here are a few yoga tips:

• Evaluate your skill and comfort levels. Understand how your body works; whether you are a yoga junkie or clueless about yoga, you need to start off at the most suitable stage. Do not overexert yourself or try out poses that your body is not ready for.

• Check your posture. Posture throughout yoga exercises is essential for acquiring a flat stomach. Your back has to stand strong since the muscle band around the waist sustains the spinal cord. While sitting, make sure your back is straight enough.

• Stretching is key. Stretching out with your back to the floor and your arms positioned up towards the ceiling is another yoga exercise that can help flatten your tummy. Gradually curl your body upwards and forward so that the tips of your fingers are pointing towards the tips of your toes. Gently fall back into place and repeat 30 times for maximum results.

• Breathing. This is essential to maintain efficient blood circulation. Breathe utilizing your diaphragm. Subsequently attempt to hold your breath while carrying out yoga so that your abdominal muscles learn to contract and remain in place as they tighten up.

• Focus on the big picture. The whole idea of yoga is to release negative energy and introduce positive energy. It is all about feeling good, so don't stress yourself about getting results as they will show sooner or later.

Handy Hints:

• Correct posture essential in achieving a flat belly.

• Breathing with diaphragm vital for blood circulation.

• Stretching is also important to flatten your tummy.

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