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Choosing a building and location for your business

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Location, location, location. It is said to be the most important factor to consider when setting up a business. Whether your business relies on customer footfall or not, there are a number of factors to consider before choosing a building for your business.

Firstly, consider the area of your chosen building. Is it in a free zone so that you can retain 100% ownership, or will you need to get a UAE national sponsor? Free zones obviously offer huge benefits, but do their locations suit the nature of your business?

Is the area in keeping with the nature of your business? When you consider how you will do business, which companies will you be working with, and where will your clients / customers expect to find you? A financial services company could set up at Dubai Sports City, but will it be where its clients are prepared to travel to and fro, and would they be working closely with other companies in that area?

Is there convenient access to the building, and is the commute an easy one? When you consider that you will be travelling to work five days a week, will you be spending a large portion of your day driving and stuck in traffic? Also consider the parking situation when you arrive. Dubai Media City is a well-known and coveted location for media offices; however, limited parking can cause problems especially for smaller companies without allocated parking areas. Not only will looking for a parking space add time to your commute, it can also seem unprofessional when inviting clients to your office and having nowhere for them to park.

Other facilities worth considering are ease of access for yourself and guests. Are there security and a reception area where visitors can be greeted in your new business location? Facilities such as elevator access, especially for high-rise buildings, can often cause problems and frustrations due to congestion at peak times.

Handy Hints
• Check whether a free zone address can benefit your company
• Factor into your decision-making the firms you’ll be working with
• Also include accessibility and if there are enough parking areas



Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties
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