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Doing business with government

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Dubai, with its stable economy, creates a world-class business environment for investors. As a global business hub, it offers unique opportunities that attract global entrepreneurial and business leadership.

Doing business with the Dubai government is based on unique policies and works through a tender process. If a government department has a requirement for a company or individual from the private sector, it advertises the job to get available tenders.

Government departments strictly monitor the tender process while dispersing requests for proposals. Also, one must satisfy the number of tenders before signing a contract. To be eligible for hiring, one must follow the guidelines set by the government.

The Dubai government has an eSupply portal which acts as a single online destination for all suppliers, buyers, vendors and service providers that are interested in dealing with government entities. The companies must register with eSupply to become eligible for submitting a tender.

Hard copies of the original local purchase order (LPO), company’s government-assigned vendor number, delivery proof and an original invoice on company stationery are required before the settlement of payments.
A business consultancy firm can advise and direct any investor on the do’s and don’ts of doing business with the government. Moreover, it can give legal advice based on the nature and type of one’s business.

Handy Hints
• Dealing with government’s based on unique policies
• It works through closely monitored tender process
• The online eSupply portal makes the process easy

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