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DOZ go-to place for outsourcing needs

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The global era of modern businesses have rapidly seen the growth of outsourcing, a phenomenon that allows one party to adopt a cost-effective strategy to procure services from another party. Often, developed nations seek services from countries where production costs are low; thereby, helping minimise their costs.

Started in 2007, the Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ) aims to provide companies with the best base for mid to high-end outsourcing services. As knowledge-based services gained importance, it was created to cater to the growing demands of outsourcing companies.

DOZ is equipped to provide captive and non-captive outsourcing services to companies that aim to control costs and efficiently complete their tasks. It not only offers a base for leveraging a talent pool economically, but also provides all the benefits associated with a free zone. As a result, companies enjoy a tax-free environment, 100 percent foreign ownership and other value-added services like venue management and government services, networking opportunities and scope for industry awareness programmes.

DOZ is best suited to the needs of business process outsourcing (BPO), call centres, HR and IT outsourcing firms. Primary outsourcing functions for knowledge processes, business planning and continuity, and research and development can be easily conducted from the zone. Various businesses from sectors such as finance, healthcare, insurance, real estate, tourism and logistics may operate from here.

Besides, DOZ is the perfect destination for businesses looking for comprehensive purpose-built infrastructure. Firms can expect state-of-the-art offices, a strong telecom infrastructure, round-the-clock security services and facilities management services. It also has land plots for residential, commercial, retail and hospitality purposes, and a one-stop–shop service that assists investors in a variety of government services such as licencing, visa, traffic and postal services.

Handy Hints
• Dubai Outsource Zone caters to BPOs, call centres and others
• It has facilities that meet different types of outsourcing services
• Companies setting up at DOZ get to enjoy all free zone benefits

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties
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