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Establishing an agri business

How to get a trade licence for agricultural activities in capitalImage Credit: Supplied

Investors who wish to do business related to agricultural production, animal production or sea products in Abu Dhabi need to first obtain an agricultural licence from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Agricultural licences are issued for trading in plants, seeds and seedlings, agricultural consultancy, agricultural services like landscaping, pest control, and installation of irrigation systems and green houses, among others. For agricultural consultancy, services, and pesticides, fertilizers and agricutural chemicals trading, a qualified agricultural engineer should be present at the time of licence application.

Getting an agricultural licence follows the same procedure as obtaining any other business licenses.One must first register the trade name. After getting the trade name registration certificate, the applicant must get an initial approval (valid for three months) from DED and any other approvals from the relevant licencing authorities. After all the approvals are obtained, the applicant must submit all the documents to the DED, pay the required fees and complete all the legalities to collect the licence.

All businesses engaged in agricultural activities must comply with government directives before being issued a licence. For guidance and for a hassle-free setup process, investors can approach a business setup firm to handle everything.

Handy Hints:

* DED issues agricultural licences in Abu Dhabi

* It is for agricultural production, related activities

* An agricultural engineer may be a requirement

Source: Zenifer Khaleel, Special to Classifieds

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