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An express business setup solution

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From starting a business, expansion of resources, to organizing a client meeting in a new venue or even shifting to a new area, a business center can definitely help.

A business center is a one-stop shop for most business needs and a modern-day alternative to the more traditional office setup. Essentially, it is a part of an office building which supplies clients with furnished work premises complete with business facilities at very affordable rates. This center includes a generic reception area, pantry, cleaning services and secured parking so clients can move in and start working right away.

A fully serviced and equipped office space is readily available alongside business packages that are tailor-made to suit the budget. This is in addition to the conference rooms and other typical business center facilities provided. These business centers can assist startups become operational within the shortest period of time while bigger companies can expand without any delays as their needs and requirements change.

Providing professional solutions and expertise for new businesses, a business center helps with the initial business formation to other corporate and advisory services. There are paid secretarial and concierge services along with turnkey solutions for telecommunications and IT infrastructure.

Business center services are expanding and thriving in UAE. With trained and experienced professionals, they can provide the utmost expertise in the technicalities of company formation in the country.

They can deal directly with some of the government offices, and pride themselves on being extensively experienced and are aware of new laws governing businesses. They can help with sponsorships and simplified visa procedures like obtaining UAE family residency visas for employees who would like to sponsor their immediate families.

More specific services include PRO services, consultancy, and documents application processing, among others.

Handy Hints
• A business center assists in company formation and office setup
• They can help with the legal requirements of startup businesses
• Paid secretarial, concierge services, IT infrastructure are available

Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties
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