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Giving financial advice in Dubai

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Being a financial statement provider can be an ideal choice if you want to delve deeper into the cash flow of a company.

As a financial statement provider, a company or an individual will have to prepare balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements and statements of shareholders’ equity. While a balance sheet gives details of a company’s assets and liabilities, the income statement will find out the expenses incurred and profits earned. The cash flow statement essentially shows the amount of money going in and out of the business. The shareholders’ equity, meanwhile, refers to the cash left to the company. If a company is sold off, equity holders are entitled to receive a share from the ensuing amount.

Firms willing to provide financial services must engage with the Dubai International Financial Centre while individuals are required to seek authorization from the Dubai Financial Services Authority. Start-ups are advised to review the policy statement on start-ups which can be found in the Regulatory Policy and Process Sourcebook. Depending on whether it is an individual setup or that of an established organization, different types of licenses are given.

Once authorized, you can help individuals seeking a full proof record of their income, or organizations willing to find out their financial condition. It is a business that can cater to almost everyone. If you are ready to take a dip into the financial world, a business like this would be perfect.

Handy Hints
• Financial statement providers useful to almost all
• They prepare balance sheets, income statements
• A firm or an individual can provide such services

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Classifieds
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