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How to run a beauty salon business in the UAE

How to run a beauty salon business in the UAEImage Credit: Supplied

On what basis will you likely choose one salon over the other? A major factor is hygiene. Another can be convenience or economic feasibility. Either way, it is common sense that opening a salon is not for those who do not have knowledge of the industry.

To open a salon, it is necessary to apply for permits. Apart from the legal requirements, it is important to consider aspects such as pricing, services, value-added benefits and others. What kind of services the salon will provide will depend on the target market. If the salon is in an upmarket locale, it makes sense to introduce exquisite spa treatments; or else, it is fine to stick to basic hair coloring, haircut and beauty treatments.

Recruiting experienced and committed staff is also a must. Empathic people who know how to put customers at ease are an asset to the salon. People go to salons for relaxation, so it is important that the staff know how to understand each customer's needs and cater accordingly.

Anyone who applies for a license to open a salon can get through the process easily. In Abu Dhabi, salon owners and workers have to pass an examination after taking professional training courses as per government rules. These courses train them in using and maintaining salon equipment, and coach them in the appropriate personal hygiene. All workers, whether they are stylists, manicurists or barbers, have to obtain certificates.

Handy Hints:

• Salon services greatly depend on target market

• Consider pricing, value-added benefits, services

• Abu Dhabi salon staff must undergo training, test

Click on business license and identify how to acquire one

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