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How to setup your home office efficiently

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You may choose to operate a home workspace either because you do not want to bear the cost of an expensive office space or you want to operate from home due to childcare or eldercare concerns. 

However, creating a home workspace is more than just having a desk. Ideally, your work area should allow you to perform all the necessary duties of your business without unduly disrupting the functioning of the rest of your household, and you should do so at a cost that does not put your business too deeply in the hole.

The first consideration is to allocate yourself a particular area for your work. The choice of area depends on the tools needed for your work. If all your work is done on a computer, you may just need a computer workstation. However, if you are a costume designer, you may need a dedicated area for your sketches, mannequins and the like.

In case you are not able to have a dedicated room, you may be creative in the strategic placement of furniture, a curtain or a shoji screen to demarcate the work area from the living space. Clear rules should be set for children and pets not being allowed in the workspace; more so if you have clients coming to visit you.

Once the area has been determined, the next thing to address is what you are going to need. It is important to have a budget in place for furnishings; otherwise, you can literally break the bank. Furniture need not be over the top nor should it be rundown. A lot of furniture disposition sales or even online sites may get you good bargains. 

Consider light as you place your desk. You do not want your eyes or the computer screen to catch the window glare. You need to have a strong Internet connection or you may choose cloud computing.

The best thing about having a home office is that you reign in flexibility to make changes as and when necessary. For example, you may decide that once the first quarter’s targets are achieved, you would want to get more equipment.

Handy Hints
• A home workspace can be a modified study, garage or part of the living room
• A clear demarcation of the area is important by putting up a shoji screen, etc.
• Space requirements will vary depending on the tools/equipment needed for work




Source: Dipshikha Mitra, Special to Properties
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