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Legal translation services

Paperwork translation essential in this part of the worldImage Credit: Supplied

Over 200 nationalities work in the UAE. Hence, it is not surprising that in this multi-ethnic milieu, legal translation is an essential part of the day-to-day functioning of any business.

The most common form of translation is from English to Arabic. Several documents such as memorandums of association, labor contracts, articles of association, power of attorneys, etc., are required to be translated into Arabic for submission to embassies, courts and government agencies.

The cost of translation is approximately Dh50 per page of 200 words for regular documents, and Dh75 per page for technical documents such as manuals, brochures, websites, etc. However, prices vary depending on the complexity of the material, number of words per page, and content. For documents to be sent to other countries or embassies, French, German, Russian, Farsi, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam translations and many more are also offered by agencies.

Agencies advertise the legal translation services they offer. However, look for accreditations and certifications by the Ministry of Justice to ensure quality and acceptability by different institutions.

A translation agency usually has a team of in-house and freelance proofreaders, interpreters, and translators. What generally differentiates a good translation agency from an average one is competitive pricing as well as professionalism as far as punctuality and rigorous proofreading are concerned.

 Handy Hints:

• Check the accreditation of the translation agency
• Translation fees depend on content, language, etc.
• Ensure the quality of proofreading and punctuality

Source: Dipshikha Mitra Special to Classifieds. The writer is a freelancer.