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Location as part of brand-building

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Not all companies, in fact, only a few can actually afford to have their own ‘Menlo Park.’ But having a location that serves as part of your company’s face, not just a business base, is a creative and effective brand-building strategy.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs know that location is a major cost factor and branding element they need to meticulously look into. Hence, it requires thorough research and planning as a company’s brand is considered part of its ‘personality’, and the structure housing the business may be seen as an extension of that personality.

While occupying a floor in a building (especially an older one) may make personalizing the exterior impossible, having the look you want to project for your brand through office interiors is something completely in your purview, with the main constraints only being your budget, and imagination.

Law firms generally go for a more streamlined and efficient look in their offices, allocating more space for a couple of small conference rooms for private client meetings and consultations. Pediatric clinics usually feature a bit of color reflective of their patient segment, and may or may not feature a small play area for kids to stay entertained while waiting for their turn; but there is almost always a candy jar to reach into after a session with the doctor.

Now-Internet giants Facebook, Google and Twitter buildings and offices reflect the creative and more laidback, though serious, nature of their services. With an emphasis on ‘creative’, their workplaces allow for bicycles all the way into the workplace, and feature numerous spots where individuals and groups can engage in formal and informal creative chatter. The look of your office, of course, may not be as playful because how it looks does depend on what business you are in, and must make room for other factors such as future expansion, safety, proximity to suppliers, and employee comfort.

Handy Hints
• Location is a major cost factor and a brand-building element for startups
• Your place is considered an extension of your brand or ‘personality’
• Consider other factors like future expansion, safety, proximity, etc.




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