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Planning a home-based business in Dubai?

Planning a home-based business in Dubai?Image Credit: Supplied

Many people secretly wish to be entrepreneurs and be able to work on their own terms. A home-based business is one in which the entrepreneur does not exactly have an office, and they operate from home. Your business ideas could involve tailoring, arts/crafts, consultation, baked goods, or anything that does not require a major infrastructural setup.

UAE nationals have the option to have a home-based business by virtue of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai's Intelaq Entrepreneur Training Programme.

According to the DED website: ''The business must be reasonable for operation in a residential environment. The business must not harm the environment or the health of any person, and should not generate noise or other irritants that could negatively impact neighbours.''

Intelaq licenses are issued only to UAE nationals residing in Dubai, interested in putting up their own business and operating it single-handedly from their residence. The licenses are given annually at a fixed application fee, and will be converted into business licenses after three years.

For expats, a home-based enterprise is just not feasible as one will face heavy fines. The only way to start a legitimate business is to find a local sponsor you can partner with so you get a business/trade license, and arrange to have proper business premises no matter how small it may be.

Handy Hints:

• UAE nationals can start a business with Intelaq

• The business owner must operate single-handedly

• Expats must have a local sponsor and premises

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds

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