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Registering your trademark

Registering your trademarkImage Credit: Supplied

The circled capital letter 'R' symbol (®) is often seen next to names, logos, and designs. The symbol denotes a registered trademark. The earliest trademark ever known was of blacksmiths who made the same kinds of swords in the Roman Empire, keeping it as a mark for war.

In today's cutthroat business scenario, trademarks can be referred to as a brand, logo, design, color, jingle or slogan that distinguishes itself from the rest.

It is not only important to provide quality goods/services to the customers, but it is also highly vital to understand the importance of registering and protecting your brand. Some reasons why companies should go for a trademark are: it enables the business to stand out from the crowd; it protects the brand from being copied by competitors (if done, would be penalized); it is one of most long-lasting assets a company can possess; it is a legal and effective marketing communication tool; it empowers customers to rely on the products/services offered; nationwide/international constructive notice of the trademark the brand owns.

Today, trademarks are registered by a common international firm called International Trademark Association. Some commonly seen registered trademarks are the swoosh symbol of Nike, the golden arches of McDonald's, the bitten apple of Apple, the three-pointed star of Mercedes, the white figure of a family of four of Dubai Shopping Festival, and many more.

Apart from rendering value-added services to clients, companies should take active interest in registering and protecting the brand(s) they own.

Handy Hints:

• Trademarks can be a brand, design, color or jingle

• They protect the brand from being copied by others

• They enable business to stand out from the crowd

Source: Radhika Murali Iyer, Special to Classifieds

The writer is Marketing Consultant, Axiom Mark