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Security system for your business

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Keeping your business safe and secure is high priority, even in a country with such a low crime rate as the UAE. There are a number of security systems that suit different businesses; therefore, it is important to plan carefully when getting one that matches your needs.

Before you start shopping for a security system, determine its importance to your business and then work out your budget around it. Factor into the decision the cost in the event of a break-in. How much will it cost to replace equipment? Are there items such as data that cannot be replaced, and will you be able to continue operating your business without it while you arrange for its replacement?

Different businesses need different security systems. Warehouses and storehouses need an electronic security system that can detect intruders as well as fires or hazards over a large area. Offices, on the other hand, may need video surveillance to monitor the activities and movements of staff and visitors entering and exiting the building.

The area to be secured is also an important factor. Large areas need different security measures than small offices. It is also important to consider if you require external security or not. Hallways, lobbies and parking lots can be potentially dangerous areas that need surveillance if they are your company’s responsibility to secure them.

Once you have decided on a security system that suits your business, be sure that the features of the system are suitable. If you opt for a wireless security system, ensure there is a strong and reliable connection and that the products come from a trustworthy brand. For CCTV cameras, consider good resolution; make sure it is compatible with the monitor resolution to create clearer images.

Finally, take timing into account. If you plan to monitor activities at night, you need to consider additional storage capacities for video recording, low light cameras for better resolution and fire alarm systems for quick response when the property is unoccupied.

Handy Hints
• Ensure you pick a security system that fits within your budget
• Consider the size of your premises, the security system features
• See if system must operate in common areas, after-office hours

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties
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