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Security for your place of business

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While break-ins and brazen acts of thievery are not commonplace in the country, one can never be too complacent and should always be prepared for the untoward, whether it be a fire, a weather or human disturbance. After all, investing in the security of your business premises is much like protecting your own home.

When it comes to security and surveillance technology, the industry has gone a long way in providing hi-tech means of ensuring your property is safe, way beyond the conventional strategy of having security staff posted at all entrance/exit points. For retail and commercial/industrial space, there are highly specialized products in the market addressing security and safety concerns including access control, closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, electronic article surveillance, fire alarm systems, etc. 

Access control: vandal resistant receptacles, vandal resistant readers, access readers, standalone fingerprint readers, proximity card readers, etc. 

CCTV: camera enclosures, dome cameras, mounts, pan/tilts, multiplexers, video matrix systems, digital recorders, etc.

Electronic article surveillance: label deactivators, decoupler tag detach, alarm tags, alarm labels, safers to protect CDs, DVD, videogames, etc., deactivators and re-activators, source tagging, integrated people counting and traffic flow control, integrated metal and magnet detection, etc.

Fire alarm: fire alarm control panels, intelligent fire alarms, suppression control units, voice evacuation systems, signaling/output devices, etc.

Gas detection: Wireless portable multi-threat monitors, fixed gas detector for toxics and flammable gases, compact electronic personal dosimeters (for radiation detection), rapid deployment kits, etc. 

Integrated building management systems common in most modern buildings help facilities and building managers monitor lighting, HVAC, fire, security, and other facilities.

Remember, you are not just there to protect your business; part of your job as a business owner is protecting people.

Handy Hints
• There are highly specialized products addressing security concerns
• They include access control, CCTV, electronic article surveillance
• Integrated building management systems offer centralized control


Source: Lovely Claire CD, Special to Properties