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Social media for businesses

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The immense popularity of websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, often referred to as “social media,” have opened up new avenues and completely changed the way businesses operate all over the world. These sites have been witnessing heavy volumes of advertisements day by day.

The UAE stands testimony to this fact and businessmen in the country have also actively used these sites to broaden their reach and prowess.

Different industries, big and small, have created pages dedicated to their company or venture. It is obvious that entrepreneurs are now opting for brand-building tactics through social networking to bring them closer to their customers.

Research reveals creating an account helps businessmen connect to like-minded groups and target prospective clients.

In this age of the Internet, website competition has become imperative. Firms that refuse to embrace the power of social media to grow and expand are expected to either lag behind their competition or fold up.

In short, the impact of social media on every sector of society cannot be ignored. In recognition of this fact, Dubai even launched the Arab Social Media Awards last year to recognize groups, companies and individuals in the Arab world who have utilized social networking to benefit the community and, in turn, augur the nation’s progress.

Handy Hints
• Social media greatly impacts every sector of society
• It has become a popular way to promote a venture
• Big and small firms use social media to reach clients

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to PropertiesThe writer is a freelancer