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Start a documentation company

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People require the attestation of documents in the UAE for a variety of reasons: for employment, to get a residence visa for family members, higher education, admission to a school or to start a business.

For expatriates living here, it is impossible to go back home and get these attestations done because firstly, the procedures are complicated and secondly, it involves running pillar to post to various ministry offices which could take days.

Hence, setting up a business providing attestation services here in the UAE can prove to be lucrative, but also calls for a lot of networking. You have to make sure you have the necessary contacts in the countries on your list, for example, the local agents or government authorities there needed for attestations. But before that, you have to sort out the logistical details as well. How will the documents be collected, and how will they be sent? What is the turnaround time you will offer?

You have to liaise with companies that deal with the forwarding of documents, e.g. DHL, Aramex, etc. These companies also provide value-added services and offer a good rate if an official contract is inked.

There is also the important factor of safety. A company that offers speedy attestation services has to be reliable in addition to providing value-added services. Customers would not mind paying a slightly higher fee for services done with speed and without glitches.

As a plus, documentation and attestation companies offer a tracking facility through their website so customers can be at peace knowing well what stage the documents are at, and that they haven’t gone missing.

Handy Hints
• Attested documents needed in visa processing, etc.
• A documentation company requires good contacts
• Network includes forwarding companies among others




Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds
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