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Tasks of business consultants

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The necessary steps required to transform your business dream into a reality can be facilitated by a business consultant whose job is to help ensure your business is set up with minimal hassle and effort.

The main job of a business consultant is to study and interpret a client’s business goals to further advise on viable solutions to enhance business opportunities. The consultant also conducts financial analyses via research done in part through a start-up business plan followed by a start-up marketing plan – both designed to match your particular business model. A professional business plan can be used for research, forecasting sales, calculating costs, or creating financial documents, and is drawn up by the business consultant to use as a roadmap for business, or to share with potential investors or government authorities. You may also develop a business plan to present it to potential partners, co-founders, management, and staff to strategize your vision and establish a common goal and direction for your business.

Business consultants can also handle related red tape in setting up a business. This includes organizing necessary meetings with local stakeholders, facilitating documentation formalities to help accelerate approvals, and reducing time and investment required to appropriately initiate business. A good business consultant can also assist with locating the right premises for the business, expediting visas, processing labor permits, explaining the various options available in business, organizing and setting up company bank accounts, obtaining the requisite government approvals, and coordinating with the required ministries.

Handy Hints
• Consultants advise on suitable business structure
• They handle business documentation, formalities
• They analyze concepts from a professional angle



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