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Your business and the environment

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The UAE has formatted clear laws that dictate how a business should be run along internationally acceptable lines. Any business not following the regulations is susceptible to fines and other penalties.

An area that the law focuses strongly on is the environment. This environmental code is regulated by the Dubai Municipality. The unit is responsible for the preparation and review of policies and guidelines relating to the protection of the environment. It also evaluates the environmental viability of all new projects.

Regulations vary from industry to industry, and the areas covered range from environmental building codes to environmental permits; from creation and disposal of waste to hazardous waste treatment and disposal; from air quality monitoring to marine water monitoring; and even the import of goods dangerous to the local environment.

If you are setting up a business in Dubai, make sure that you get all the relevant certificates and approvals. You will need to request a ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) and environmental permits for things related to waste, the discharge of groundwater to the sea or inland waterways or temporary lagoons, projects (industrial, developmental and infrastructure, and for telecommunication projects and pylons), waste disposal (hazardous, trade wastes and unwanted materials), release importation and/or exportation of dangerous goods, and a host of others depending on your business

Handy Hints
• The Dubai environmental code is regulated by DM
• It evaluates the environmental viability of new projects
• Make sure you get relevant certificates and approvals



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