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Cleaning and Maintenance

Protect your assets by hiring a facilities management company

Facilities management firms ensure your property is up and running at all times

Cleaning Tips: Clean your aircon unit regularly

Vital to maintaining a healthy and clean environment

Waste management matters in the UAE

The problem of waste management is a significant one for any green society

Air conditioning for your building

In Middle Eastern countries like the UAE, building cooling is a major consideration

If doing laundry becomes a chore

Weekends are for relaxing... let the pros handle the laundry

The many ways to care for your patch of green

Bring back life to your garden and lawn with easy, accessible solutions

Waste not, want not

The fight against waste enters new fronts as households and businesses take up the cudgels

Summer TLC for your greens

Find ways to keep your garden thriving even in the hot summer

Here's how to clean your carpets the easy way

Deal with the daily drama of carpet care without hassles

Bringing back the shine to silver

A little TLC can help keep your silverware bright for years