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Cleaning and Maintenance

Determine your office interior needs

Fit-outs entail redesigning the workplace in terms of installation and fittings

House clean-ups the natural way

Look no further than your kitchen to keep your home tidy

Storage space for your extra stuff

Most UAE residents, expats especially, simply do not have the luxury of space at home to accommodate more belongings. That’s why flea and secondhand markets abound for when the need to clear up residential space and discard stuff arises. However, some homeowners are not that keen about selling, donating, or throwing away their possessions just yet. Where to stash them? In a self-storage facility.

Grow a container garden in your tiny home space

Satisfy green thumb longings and have a bit of nature to enliven an otherwise mundane corner

Refurbish your space to enhance value

Renovating a place that has seen better days is considered a lucrative endeavor

Interior Design: Sprucing up neglected spaces

Some nooks and corners in your home may seem beyond decoration. Here are a few ideas that can turn hard-to-decorate spots into stylish places

How clean is clean enough?

Domestic disregard emerges as a major problem in Dubai as more than two-thirds of households are found to share their homes with potentially harmful bacteria. Property Weekly talks to experts to find out how households can protect themselves against this growing threat.

Green and clean right at home

Keep your house spanking clean with basic kitchen supplies

Handling and care of gas cylinders

Prevent accidents and injuries by adopting safety guidelines

Embarking on your home renovation project

Remodeling a home is more time-consuming than most people think and requires a lot of planning