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Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep your walls spotless

Stain-free walls can be had without the need for special cleaning aids

Facilities management a major added value

Strategic function can save various types of businesses huge sums of money

Keeping carpets good as new

If well-cared for, floor coverings can last a decade or more

Maintaining one’s home to protect its asset value

Regular home maintenance makes financial sense and provides for a pleasant living environment

Maintaining your home furniture

Ascertain product quality to ensure longer performance

Get rid of pests that bug you

Cleanliness and hygiene are your first line of defense against vermin

Keep your kitchen spic and span

Health and hygiene main concerns in food preparation area

Choose the perfect flooring for your home

This humble aspect of interior designing can make or break the look of your residence

Building exterior cleaning by professionals

Service providers must ensure they adhere to local regulations

Housekeeping to maid services

In this day and age, house help is just a phone call away