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Building exterior cleaning by professionals

Building exterior cleaning by professionalsImage Credit: Supplied

There are certain things one needs to remember before commencing exterior building cleaning. For starters, it is important to remember that maintaining a spotless exterior is not merely about cleaning, it also includes environmental and architectural care, and hygiene and sanitation upkeep.

In addition to this, the government has strict rules and regulations pertaining to exterior cleaning and maintenance in some areas. According to the guidelines by Trakhees, Department of Planning and Development, Ports, Customers and Free Zones Corporations: ''All companies dealing with activities on window cleaning and maintenance of external facade of buildings and who will be using suspended access equipment (i.e. suspended cradles) in carrying out the activities within Dubai World Jurisdiction must be pre-qualified and approved by Trakhees - EHS.''

Exterior cleaning equipment can be divided into ground cleaning tools and building cleaning gear. Each area has its own specialized appliances which help carry out the procedure more efficiently.

Floor sweepers are perfect for cleaning the surrounding areas of buildings, removing dirt and grime with their rotating brushes that sweep debris into the vessel. Pressure washers are great for cleaning high-rise buildings with the attachment of a cleaning lance that removes dirt without the need for a ladder.

Biodegradable chemicals can be used for building upkeep, though special care is taken when it comes to removing dirt or dust from terracotta or stone surfaces.

Handy Hints:

• Floor sweepers ideal for surroundings of buildings.

• Pressure washers are great for cleaning high-rises.

• Care must be taken when cleaning stone surfaces.

Source: Sabin Muzaffar, Special to Classifieds

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