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Building maintenance and property care

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When regular and comprehensive building maintenance is carried out, it can prevent costly problems from occurring in the future. Devising a preventive maintenance checklist is a good way to make sure that all aspects of your commercial building are properly maintained and will be less likely to cause problems in the years ahead.

• External surfaces and roofing – These should be inspected at least twice a year and after any severe weather or storm. When checking the roof, walk the perimeter to examine sheet metal, copings, roof-to-wall connections and any previously repaired sections. Remember to create a roofing file for each building and review all the warranty information for each.

• HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system – Inspection should be done at least twice a year especially at the start of summer. Disassemble and inspect cooling tower screens and access panels, check tower fills, support structures, sump pumps and spray nozzles. The motors, fans and pumps all need to be checked for wear and tear, and properly lubricated, checking couplings for leaks or any unusual noises. Air-conditioning unit maintenance should also include cleaning or replacing air filters at least every quarter.

• Plumbing – It needs yearly inspections, but any leaks or unusual noises should be inspected immediately. Water boosters and circulation pumps need bearing lubrication at least once a year and their couplings should be checked for any leaks at the same time. Water chillers need their condenser fan motor bearings checked and lubricated annually alongside draining and replacing oil from the compressor reservoir.

These are some of the basic building maintenance checks that should be carried out regularly. Of course, the most efficient and effective way to ensure that all necessary inspections are carried out is to hire a professional building maintenance provider to handle everything and make sure your commercial building is operating safely and efficiently.

Handy Hints
• Inspect HVAC twice a year and before the start of summer
• Check building roofs twice yearly or after any severe weather
• Address leaks or unusual noises in your plumbing immediately

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties
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