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Care for carpets and upholstery

Care for carpets and upholsteryImage Credit: Supplied

One of the first steps in decorating a home is choosing the right carpets to create a cozy ambience and transform the look of the house.

Before installing carpets, see to it that you have moved away the furniture and unplugged cables/wires as these may obstruct the installation process. Old glue needs to be scrubbed off, and debris and dirt need to be swept or vacuumed.

Understanding the manufacturer's instructions with regard to the application of adhesive and drying time is important. Using the right tools is also vital to achieve a smooth job. A professional carpet installation company can take care of all these and more, but if you are aware of the procedure, it would help you to understand their job and assist them in a better way. Some Dubai firms which offer carpet installation also provide cleaning and repair as part of their after-sales service.

Be it carpets or any form of upholstery, it is important to use the right gadgets and products to help maintain it. Companies that specialize in the maintenance of sofas have to keep in mind that the fabric is not damaged while cleaning. This means using the best products and only those specially formulated for the specific problem to be addressed. Steam cleaning, removal of heavy stains and odors, and deep conditioning are a few services provided professionally here in the UAE. When in need, check out the classifieds of your paper as the UAE has a number of companies that offer value-for-money cleaning services.

Handy Hints:

• Scrub off old glue before installing a new carpet

• Use special solutions when cleaning upholstery

• Hire a professional for difficult problems like stains

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Classifieds,

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