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Caring for gym equipment

Caring for gym equipmentImage Credit: Supplied

Once you start working towards a healthier you and purchase your own gym equipment, you need to keep it healthy, too. As with all equipment, preventive maintenance is the most effective.

Clean the equipment daily as sweat, dirt and dust can build up and affect its electronics and upholstery. Do not spray antibacterial solution directly onto the equipment as it may leak down into the machine and cause any electronics to short or internal parts to rust.

Vacuum under the motor cover of treadmills once a month as well as underneath it if it is placed on a carpeted area. Check the belt tension and tracking every two or three months, and its hardware such as nuts and bolts every three to six months. If parts need to be replaced, insist on manufacturer-recommended parts.

For other cardiovascular equipment such as cross trainers, stair climbers and exercise bikes, check every two to three months if the joints and moving parts (both external and internal) are in good condition and well lubricated. Attachments such as pedals, grips and handlebars should also be kept lubricated and secure every three months.

For strength training equipment, inspect cables, grips and guide rods every week and address even small damages to cables immediately. Follow the manufacturer's specifications with regard to lubrication with a Teflon spray; don't just use WD-40.

Be sure to read and keep the owner's manual so that future maintenance can be conducted properly. The best way to ensure the healthy life of equipment is to purchase commercial-quality products from reputable brands.

Handy Hints:

• Clean equipment daily to prevent dirt buildup.

• Treadmills must be checked at least every month.

• Purchase quality products from reputable brands.

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