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Choosing a pest control company

Find out what to look out for before engaging the prosImage Credit: Supplied

So, you have unwelcome visitors at home. Ants, roaches, bugs, flies. Whatever pest you have, you wish to permanently say goodbye to them. If the problem is too widespread for you to manage, maybe it is time to call in the pest control professionals. How do you go about choosing one? 

First, do your research. Hunt online for pest control companies with good reviews. Go through each company website to see how well-established and well-respected they are. Improper use of pesticides could create safety and environmental issues, the Dubai Municipality said. So, it is better to hire professionals with experience. 

Evaluate the efficiency of the pest control company when you speak to their representative. Call at least three authorized pest control companies in your area and see which representative is willing to explain in detail about the pest and the treatment. Compare estimates, but be warned: do not pick a company because they offer cheaper rates. 

Have a checklist of questions. How toxic is the treatment? Do you have other options? How long will the effect last? Is their quote for a long-term package with follow-up visits? If the pest reappears within the treatment period, what steps will they take? 

Consider safety foremost. According to experts, only use the services of a registered pest control company. Before starting the treatment, inform them about children and health issues in the family. Ask them about the do’s and don’ts during and after the treatment. 

Handy Hints: 

* Contact more than one pest control company 

 * Understand the pros and cons of the treatment 

 * Ask about the credentials of the pest control firm

 Source: Asha Das, Special to Classifieds

 The writer is a freelancer