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Clean clothes the modern way

Clean clothes the modern wayImage Credit: Supplied

One of the many benefits of living in the UAE is the easy accessibility of laundry shops located on nearly every corner of every neighborhood, providing a variety of laundry services such as pressing, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and even stain removal. Rates vary depending on the garment, location and requirements.

Serving customers in Dubai since 1962, Dubai Laundry boasts large manpower and state-of-the art machines. The price for pressing a man's shirt starts at Dh4.50 while dry cleaning or laundry costs Dh8.50. Pressing a jacket costs Dh9, dry cleaning or laundry Dh20. Laundry and dry cleaning of a ladies' blouse costs Dh8, pressing Dh4.

The Concierge has outlets located all over Dubai and offers stain removal, cleaning, dry cleaning, hand cleaning, hand finishing and final packaging. Dry cleaning or washing and pressing a man's shirt costs Dh10, pressing only Dh5. Dry cleaning or washing and pressing a man's jacket costs Dh20, pressing only Dh10. Dry cleaning or washing and pressing a ladies' blouse costs Dh15, pressing only Dh5.

Atlas Laundry in Karama has been around since 1992, and claims laundry is picked up and returned within 48 hours yet they still maintain competitive rates, which also vary depending on the customer's location.

In Bur Dubai, pressing a man's trousers costs Dh4 while dry cleaning is Dh9. A jacket costs Dh10 for pressing and Dh16 for dry cleaning. A ladies' blouse is priced at Dh4 for pressing and Dh8 for dry cleaning.

Handy Hints:

• Most laundry shops offer free pickup and delivery

• Laundry related services in Bur Dubai start at Dh4

• Rates depend on location, garment, requirements

Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Classifieds,

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