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Cleaning & Maintenance: Conduct your PC health check

Even as laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones have aggressively carved their own niches in the tech market, there’s nothing like the speed, memory size and ease of use offered by a PC at home. But having one comes with the need to keep your machine in the best shape possible.

Cleaning your PC is essential for the electrical components to last longer and work more efficiently. After all, how much your computer heats up is impacted by the condition of its interiors and external parts – which is where dust, grime and dirt come into play.

To clean your machine, you’ll need a screwdriver, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, a can of compressed air, lint-free or anti-static cloths and protective eyewear.

Make sure your PC is powered off, unplugged and placed in an area where there’s plenty of room and, preferably, a place you wouldn’t mind getting dusty and dirty. One more thing, make sure you remember where each item you unscrew has to go back into. Mark them or keep them separately (e.g. for the monitor, CPU, etc.).

If you decide on using compressed air all throughout, ensure you blast the air from the inside going out, not the other way around. You can also use cotton swabs or paper towels with some alcohol to gently wipe the fan. You may unscrew the fan and wipe it clean but make a note to screw it back in the right direction. You can clean the keyboard the same way; that is, using cloth or cotton swab with alcohol whether or not you plan on venturing deeper into your keyboard. Some people go as far as washing and air drying it, but that is not for the faint of heart.

Once done, ensure your work area is clean too, and keep it uncluttered and protected from dust.

Handy Hints
• Ensure your PC is unplugged prior to cleaning it
• When using compressed air, blast from the inside
• Clean fan and keyboard using cotton with alcohol


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