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Cleaning & Maintenance: Stove and gas cylinder care for safety

We use them every single day but seldom realize the importance of maintaining their “health.” Whether you are a new user or have been using a stove and gas cylinder for ages, safety should be the number one priority to avoid injuries or accidents.

It is important to always keep a check on the cylinder’s pressure regulator – from checking the gas coming out of the cylinder to the constant gas supply to the hot plates. Never operate electrical switches if the kitchen smells funny; it might be the leaky rubber tube connecting the cylinder to the stove. Open all windows and make sure all the stove valves and the gas regulator are turned off.

The barbecue season has officially begun, but before gearing up for some serious grilling action, make sure you have followed up on all maintenance issues relating to your gas cylinder. Always store the gas tank in an upright position. Make sure the regulator and the rubber tube are not damaged, broken or loose. You can check the gas connection by applying soapy water around the tubes and connections; bubbles forming in the areas can indicate leaks. Remember that self-repair or maintenance is dangerous so it is always best to get professionals to replace any damaged parts.

It is a good idea to replace the rubber tube once every two years. The hose should be ideally short and not exceed the maximum length of 1.5 meters. Keep it away from heat and fire yet easily accessible for inspection.

Regularly clean your stove and gas cylinder. For safety, start by switching it off completely and letting it cool down first. Soapy water is usually good enough to clean it spotless, but you can also add a paste of baking soda with water to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Soak gas burners in soapy water and let them sit for a while, scrub clean, rinse and let dry.

Handy Hints

  • Always store the gas tank in an upright position
  • Clean gas burners by soaking them in soapy water
  • Replace the rubber tube once every two years


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