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Cleaning services tidying up at hospitals, offices

Cleaning services play a very important role in places like offices and hospitals. Contractors who provide professional cleaning services have an immense responsibility towards maintaining high quality services and benchmarking a level of efficiency.

Before an organization inks a deal with a contract cleaning company, it is important to mutually go over what is expected. The size of the organization, the number of employees, the high traffic areas, quality of cleaning products to be used – these are some of the pivotal issues that must be discussed in advance. Contractors have specific packages that can be customized according to preferences so it is a mutual relationship that flourishes in the long run.

There are several cleaning contractors that operate in the UAE. Some of these are Cleanco, ServeU and Nada. Many contractors have been operating in the UAE for several decades now, so for an organization looking to outsource, it is always better to go by the reviews and market standing.

Some contractors offer combined services that include security apart from cleaning – as a turnkey solution. They are involved at the grassroots level, and during implementation and they also take care of ongoing maintenance.

A sample package from companies offering cleaning services includes deep cleaning, janitorial services, providing office boys as helpers, maintenance of parking areas and landscaping, building maintenance, and the collection and disposal of trash.

Handy Hints
• There are several cleaning contractors in the UAE
• Some offer combined services including security
• Packages include providing helpers, deep cleaning


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